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Regatta Services


When you head to your next regatta wouldn’t it be great to know that by the time you arrive the boat is clean, everything is working, setup in the water ready to race? That is the great feeling that our clients are able to enjoy when arriving to each of their regattas.

After racing each day they are able to walk through a to-do list and know that the next morning the boat will again be clean and ready to go no matter what. They are able to enjoy a hot shower and dinner with no worries about how they will be able to hit the start line the next day.

After racing for a long weekend docking the boat and heading home is as easy as it sounds. No more waiting in line to haul out, cleaning and packing every little thing wondering how everything will get to it’s next event. We can handle all of the small details and the large logistics to do with each event.

From shipping across to globe to a winter regatta series all in the same town we have the experience and the ability to make sure your free time is spent not working on the boat but sailing as it should be.

We work closely with some classes working our schedule around theirs to be available for the class organization and/or boat owners.

We also keep our billing simple, set prices for each class of boat. Period.
As long as it is in the continental US there are no overhead costs that are tacked on.
We are happy to quote events or projects in advance and to work with you on your budget and needs.

It comes down to the fact that we are dedicated to seeing our clients enjoy a great time racing since we are also racers and know what needs to happen at every step of the way to success.