Melges 20 Worlds

If you are getting ready (and stoked) for Melges 20 Worlds in Key Largo and you have any questions please give us a ring. We are working closely with Melges, the 20 class, regatta organizers and the resort to try to make it a smooth and fun experience for all competitors. We will be hitting the ground running getting onsite before competitors to manage everything. We will have the rigging trailer onsite through out the event, be running the launch/haul facilities for the fleet, and helping with the parking logistics of this event. Please check with competitor announcements for updates and don’t hesitate to give us a holler. We will in Florida in the coming weeks to at Coconut Grove/Shake a Leg if you need anything. Stay tuned for further info for the J70 Winter events and give us a shout for Key West Race Week services.

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